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You can get the code from this link if you want to take this indicator and tweak it to your liking — it’s fully open source and available to alter as you wish via thinkorswim’s script editor.

“Exponential Standard Deviation Bands” or (ESD) — By Vitali Apirine…


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I’m going help you out here by avoiding the BS and getting straight to what “The Rule of 3” I won’t bore you a drawn out listicle — nor will I try to milk it for every second of read time possible.

Instead, we’ll simply focus on what’s important. That…

It actually started to happen — I Had No Idea What I Was Getting Into

A woman standing with her hands pressed to her temples, looking stressed out and not knowing what to do.
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Blogging: A World of Endless Possibilities

This isn’t the typical “I quit my job to become an independent freelance writer, work for myself, and build my own empire” because that’s not necessarily the truth.

Yes, I’m self-employed.

Yes, I’m a freelance…


A computer screen showing a stock chart, using the red and green bars as the price line, an improved version of the classic Chinese Bar Charts.
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Understanding MACD convergence divergence (often referred to as the MACD Crossover — although that is a different concept) is an easy, useful, and consistent trading strategy to learn.

I’ve found it to be especially helpful for new traders just starting, as well as Swing Traders.

When the price makes a…


An advanced computer setup in the background with glasses sitting on a dest. It’s meat to portray how the average retail investor can set up at home and have an advanced trading computer just like big brokerage firms in 2021.
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October 19th, 1987 people awoke thinking it was just another mundane Monday. Tired, grumpy, and resenting the thought of another long work week. Then, at 9:30 am pst, the opening bell to the Stock Market rang. …

Three friends hanging out and talking on a sidewalk in a city neighboorhood.
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It’s sad when we finally discover it, but sometimes the friends who we think are loyal, dedicated, and there for us through thick and thin, turn out to be pretenders.

It’s crushing when you realize it — mostly because when you do finally figure it out, it’s at a time…

Steven Tyler

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